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'Suggest to 40' Competition

Suggest to 40 of your Facebook friends that they should become a fan of 'The Cross & The Switchblade - The Musical', and you will go in the draw to be one of five winners.

The prize for this competition is a personally signed copy of Peter G. James Sinclair's best selling first book that he ever published, entitled 'Memories, Thoughts & Photographs'. It was written and published just about the same time that Peter was inspired to create his musical version of 'The Cross & The Switchblade'.

Details of the book can be found at OE Publishing.

Here's what you need to do to enter - five easy steps:

  • Go to the Musical's fan page
  • Click on the 'Suggest to Friends'
    link which is found to the left of
    the page
  • This will then open up a window featuring all your friends. Choose the 40 friends whom you think would most likely love to become fans of this musical and then send.
  • If you want more chances to win - for every additional 40 friends to whom you promote the musical to - you will be given one additional chance to win one of the five prizes for each additional group of 40 friends you suggest.
  • Once you're done send me an email at [email protected] or fill out this form - one email/one entry per 40 suggested friends. In the subject of your email you must type the words - I Suggested to 40. (So if you happen to suggest to 80 friends you will need to send two emails, 120 three emails etc.)


PLEASE NOTE: As there is no way that we can verify participant's actions in this competition - this competition is launched with the expectation that all participants will act in a truthful and honest manner. I believe in you, and thank you in advance for your integrity.

This Promotion closes on December 23rd. The 5 winners will then be announced on December 24th. All winners will be notified by email and announced on Facebook the same day, just in time for Christmas. Copies of the book will then be sent in the New Year to all winners - no matter where you live in the world.